Need a light?

Ever feel like you need a light to show you what decisions to make?  How about a guide on this journey of life that we’re on?

I would be very surprised if any of us said no to either one of these questions.  I know I would like a personal guide for each day.  What would it be like to get a personal agenda from God each day on my IPhone?  It would tell me what time to get up, what people to talk to, what to tell them and it would give me a total timeline for the whole day so I could do exactly what God wants me to do today.

It sounds great but who wants to make the first bet that I still wouldn’t do everything on my God-given agenda?  I think I’d probably do a good job the first few days but then I would gradually move back onto my own agenda, making excuses for why I wasn’t following God’s.

Because God has already given me an agenda.  I’m supposed to love him with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength.  And love and care for others as much as I worry about myself.  He wants me to daily seek him and his direction.  Then he can shine a light on the path that I should go.

Which is why we’re reading the Bible together this year – God is shining the light.  He is teaching us.  He is guiding us.

Thank  you, dear Father!

What do you think?

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