Not Hot or Cold

John’s letter to the church in Laodicea accuses them of being  just lukewarm.

Neither hot or cold.Dec 12

And he tells them he wishes they were one or the other….not just lukewarm.

Lukewarm is comfortable.

It seems like a safe place to be, doesn’t it?

But then John goes on to tell them that they think they have everything they want but they are in fact miserable and poor and wretched and naked….

and blind.  Which is probably why they don’t realize what bad shape they are in.

Blindness.  We all have blind spots.  John is telling us that being lukewarm and ‘comfortable’ is one of those blindspots.

He challenges them to turn from their indifference.

And he challenges us today as we read this.  Where are the areas of our faith where we are lukewarm?

Dear Father, please open our eyes to our blind spots and grow our passion for you until it becomes very uncomfortable to be anywhere but in the center of your will.

What do you think?

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