It Takes Skill

Have you read the directions God gave to Moses concerning the tabernacle that he wanted the Isrealites to make?

They are extremely specific and detailed.  This was obviously very important to God.Ex 31

God chose who would work on this project with him by giving them wisdom and knowledge and ability to make everything that he had commanded them to make.

He does the same with us today.  When he asks us to do something, he will give us the knowledge and abilities we need to complete the task.  Maybe not right away.  We may have to hang tough through some struggles – that’s one of the ways he trains us.  

God promises that he will equip us when we step out in faith and follow his lead.  It’s after we step out and after we obey that we will experience his blessings.  We often want to see the blessing first but it just doesn’t work that way.  It’s through our faith and perseverence that God blesses us.

Thank you for your blessings, dear Father!

What do you think?

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