Stop Giving……

we have enough. 

This is what Moses told the Israelites after he saw that they already had more than enough of everything they needed to make the tabernacle.  In Exodus 36:2-7, he send out an order to restrain them from giving more.

Really?  Have we ever been told by our church to stop giving because everyone was so generous that the church had more than enough?

As we read through Exodus and Leviticus, it’s easy to label the Israelites as whiney immature unbelievers.  Come on – if you haven’t said it, you were thinking it 🙂

But it appears that they have this giving back to God thing going on strong at this point in their journey.

What would our world be like if those doing God’s ministries had to ask people to stop giving because there was more than enough?  I know we would see a holy outpouring of God’s blessings because we can never outgive him.  He loves it when we trust him enough to give more than what our accountant thinks is wise.  When we are dependent on God, he has the opportunity to lavish his love on us and on others through us.

And what God gives back to those who are generous to others in His name can’t be bought with money.

Thank you for the joy we experience when we give back generously to you, dear Father!

What do you think?

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