Nothing is Impossible….

with God.

Such wonderful mysteries – how God works his will in our world!September 25 2013

Through God’s influence, Persian rulers helped to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.   They not only freed the Jews to go back to their country, the rulers paid for the restoration in full  through the royal treasury.

When God wants something to happen, it happens.  He is in complete control even of those who don’t believe in him.

You would think that finishing the temple would be easy at this point.

Not when the people of Israel themselves were part of the problem.

They were not working on rebuilding the temple because they were consumed with their own issues.  They were experiencing drought and famine so they were focused on themselves, not on God.

God tells them through the prophet Haggai that they were planting much but harvesting little because their priorities were wrong.  They were not caring about what God wanted them to do so God was holding back the rain and he wasn’t blessing their crops.  They could plant twice as much and they weren’t going to reap any more until they got their priorities straight.

Does this ever happen to us?  Are there times when we are working hard and then working harder and then even harder but we reap very little for all of our efforts?

Maybe these are the times we need to re-evaluate our priorities.

Are we in a drought because we’re neglecting to focus on God and his purpose for our lives?

God speaks to us today through Haggai just like he did so long ago to the Jews when he says, ” Give careful thought to your ways.”

There is good news about the Jews.  They responded positively to Haggai’s words and they changed their priorities.  The work began again on re-building the temple and they experienced God’s blessings on all of their efforts.

Please help us to respond in the same way when we are in a drought, dear Father.


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