A Theocracy

In a theocracy, God rules.  He decides the laws and provides guidance for the people in all areas – politically, personally, economically.  There is little need for legislative or administrative groups in this type of government.  God is in control.

As we are reading through God’s laws in Number and Leviticus, we are watching God turn a slave population into a community.  He is giving them directions on hygiene and how to deal with each other in all kinds of situations.

God establishes a court system and defines what a crime is as well as assigning the appropriate punishment.

He also sets up regulations on matters of personal rights and responsibilities. 

As slaves, the Israelites had been under Egyptian law.  Now they needed their own civil laws in order to regulate daily activities and set up a working society.

Through it all, God was teaching them  how to be a holy and separate nation.

“One Nation under God.’

Sound familiar?

When I visited the presidential memorials in Washington, DC several years ago, I was deeply impressed by all of the scriptures engraved on the walls.  I was also reminded of how George Washington refused to be King.  He said that God was King.  So our founding fathers developed the president role.

Our nation began with God in control.  That is our heritage. 

Our nation is gradually wandering away from that but each of us still has the freedom to decide who is in control of our life.  Is is God?  Do we personally live in a theocracy each day?

It’s our choice.


What do you think?

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