A Legacy

As Christmas cards rolled into my house this year, I became more and more aware of the strong Christian legacy my grandparents created in my mother’s family.Happy birthday Jesus

My grandparents had 16 children in a farm-house in Iowa.  They came over from Holland as teenagers and became homesteaders in Iowa – the original “Little House on the Prairie”.   I’m the youngest of I-forget-how-many grandchildren.  One time I tried to count my first cousins and there were over 50 of them.  I’ve never really figured out how many 2nd cousins I have.

All of my aunts and uncles as well as my parents have passed away.  Hebrews 12 talks about them – they are part of the great cloud of witnesses that cheer us on from heaven.  The fact that they all created a Christian legacy in their families was very evident by the stream of Christmas cards we received celebrating Jesus’ birth and praising our Father God who sent Jesus as a gift of grace to us.

There was not one mention of Santa Claus anywhere.  Not that Santa is bad – he’s just not the focus of Christmas in our family.

A legacy of strong faith in God runs deep in my family.  It’s a blessing that is being handed down from generation to generation – each generation personally accepting salvation and passing it along.  This family skipped the ‘handing down’ of silverware, furniture or jewelry.  They chose to pass along a most important family heirloom – how to live a life faithful to God.

I have been richly blessed by this legacy and continue to pass it along to my children and grandchildren. (The picture is from this Christmas – my grandchildren and I singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.)

If you weren’t born into a family legacy of faith, you have the awesome opportunity of starting one for your family.  They all started with someone –  you are it.

And our cloud of witnesses in heaven cheer us on as we throw off everything that hinders us from running the race of faith with perseverance.

Thank you, dear Father, for the legacy of faith in my family.

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