Be Extremely Careful

Who are we imitating?

Who are we following?

‘Following’ has a different definition today because of the social media.  But it still refers to our choice of people that we are letting have an influence on our lives.

These are the people we are giving permission to enter our minds and thoughts because we’re reading what they are sharing.  We are ‘following’ their lives.

Who are these people in our lives?

Are they leading us to places we should be going to?

Are they helping us grow our integrity?  Are they helping us become more wise?  More caring?

We read in 2 Kings that the Israelites were following worthless idols, July 8 2016 Be very carefulworthless gods.  And, as a result, they became worthless themselves.

They picked the wrong things to follow.

They imitated the wrong things and ended up on a very bad path.

This is not a path we want to be on.

Please give us wisdom in deciding who to follow, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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