We Have Problems….

but we are not in despair.

Trials press in on us from every side…

but we are not crushed.

Many people in the world around us don’t respect our values and beliefs….

but God does not abandon us.

We are struck with grief and sadness..

but we are not destroyed.

When we believe and trust in God, he puts the treasure of his Holy Spirit in us.

we-are-weak-jars-of-clayPaul calls us jars of clay in 2 Corinthians.  We are weak but God is strong. We don’t have all the answers but he does.  We can’t successfully make this tough journey through life on our own – we need him walking beside us.  These ‘jars of clay’ just aren’t designed to be strong enough on our own to withstand all the things we’re going to go through.

Paul tells us that the all-surpassing power of God can shine through our tough times, the sad times and the questioning times of our lives.

If we let him.

Therefore, we do not lose heart.”

God wants to renew our spirit every day – if we let him.

God is growing us through our momentary troubles.  He is orchestrating the big picture behind the scenes.  He’s busy opening doors and shutting windows – getting all of the puzzle pieces lined up.

Our role in all of this is to focus on him….

and grow our trust.

Please help us fix our lives on what is unseen, what is eternal, Abba Father.


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