God tells us that, whenever we seek him, we will find him.  When we commit to reading God’s word to us, we can know without a doubt that he will speak to us.  I believe that God is constantly trying to speak to us, we just aren’t great listeners.  When we put ourselves in a place where we can hear him, he speaks.

Do we want God to guide us?  Do we want to experience God’s transforming power in our lives?  Do we want to have the peace and contentment that only God can give?


I’ve been a Christ-follower my entire life and I’ve read the Bible several times.  Everytime I do this, God reveals new truths to me.  So I start this journey with a sense of expectency – what is God going to tell me this time?  How is he going grow my understanding of him?

I will be closer to God a year from now from diving into his words and wisdom.  I’m inviting you to come along – read, contemplate and respond.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings
    Its nice to join you on this journey,in this day where many are not grounded in the word its refreshing to see that some are.
    Looking forward to seems will be an interesting period as we hear more from eachother about the word.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I know God has some new things to say to us through his word. Its an exciting journey. I’m really enjoying the chronological reading again this year – it gives us a much better feeling for how everything fits together. God bless you, too!

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