Psalm 63, 2016

There is a burning desire within me to know you better, my God!

I feel such an overwhelming thirst.

But no water can quench this thirst – only you.April 3 psalm 63, 2016

No where and no thing but you.

Oh, yes!  I have experienced your power and your awesomeness!

Your love is what makes this life worth living!

I just can’t stop talking about how great you are!

When I lift my hands up to you, I feel  your touch as you reach down to me.

Only you satisfy me.  There is no food that fills this craving inside of me – only you.

You are magnificent!

In the darkest and loneliest part of the night,  I think about you.

You are always ready to help me.

You hold me in your arms and I sing for joy!

You love me.

You protect me from harm.

You fight my battles for me and make the wrong things right in my life.

All the liars will be silenced!

Let everyone be glad because our God is here!

All who believe in God will experience his goodness.

Thank you for your goodness, Abba Father!