My Greatest Treasure

My greatest treasure is not money,

or fame,

or any of my ‘stuff’.

My  greatest treasure is wisdom.  Wisdom – so I can navigate successfully through all of the valleys and hills and curves and blind curves of my life.  I’ve been memorizing wisdom scripture this last 5 years.  I have a bad memory so it is really God who is etching his Word on my heart – I just faithfully get out my memory cards every day.  I found out why God commands me to memorize his truth 4 years ago when tragedy blew my life apart.  God used the words he carved into my brain to keep my soul from crumbling into a million painful pieces when my son was killed.

James tells us in his first chapter that God gives us generous amounts of wisdom when we ask for it.  I’ve been asking, I need it and I’m not going stop.

We read in 1 King 10 that the historically famous Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon.  She had heard about King Solomon’s extreme wealth but she was not interested in that — she was crazy rich herself.  She was not interested in his palaces or any of his numerous possessions.

The Queen of Sheba came to test Solomon’s wisdom.  That’s what motivated her to take a very dangerous 1200 mile trip on camels through a desert filled with thieves and criminals.

When the Queen of Sheba asked Solomon all of her many questions, he had an answer for everything.  She was surprised.  She didn’t think any man could have that kind of wisdom.

Before she left, she talked about how happy Solomon’s people must have been to be in his presence and hear his wisdom every day.

I can’t help thinking – is anyone who hangs out with you and me happy about all the wisdom they hear from us every day?

All wisdom comes from God and he generously gives it to us when we ask.  It is our greatest treasure.

Thank you,  Abba Father.

A Discerning Heart


W e can use all the wisdom we can get.

So many decisions to be made.

So many options available.May 12 2016 a discerning heart

Things are moving and changing so quickly…and its all just going to get faster.

We need wisdom.

Solomon asked God for a ‘discerning heart’ and he got wisdom.  God made him the wisest man who has ever lived.

God tells us in the book of James that he will give us a generous amount of wisdom if we ask for it.

So let’s ask:

Dear Father.  Thank you for giving your Word to us.  Thank you for guiding our steps through your truth.  We are asking for your wisdom, God, so we will do things and say things that honor you.  Please help us know and understand your truth so that your wisdom can grow inside of us.  Change us, dear Father.   Transform us.  We are your children and we are asking for wisdom for today.  And more wisdom for tomorrow.  Please help us grow wise, Abba Father.  In the awesome name of Jesus we pray, Amen.