Define It

What is your definition of a blessing?

Is it getting something that you want?  Or is it getting something God wants for you?

I figured out quite a few years ago that I want what God wants for me.  I realized that he gives good things – better things than I could dream of.  He gives important things that only come from him which money can’t buy – like peace and love and purpose.

God tells us in Ezekiel 24 that he is planning ‘showers of blessings’ for his sheep, for his people.  I imagine my Abba Father in heaven  looking through his huge warehouses of great stuff  as he plans to bless me saying, “Oh, I’ll give her that – it will help her balance all the priorities in her life.

“And that!  She has no idea how much peace that’s going to bring into her days.

“And – in the middle of all that – I have some very special surprises for her.  Their  names are Micah, Eden and Sydney (my grand darlings) and they will bring her much joy and happiness.”

Thank you so much, Abba Father, for the blessings that you shower down on us.  Please give us what you want us to have because you always know what’s best for us.  We love you.


What is the Meaning of LIfe?

In Ecclesiastes, King Solomon tells us about the emptiness of human wisdom,

the emptiness of pleasure,

the emptiness of achievement,

the emptiness of labor,

the emptiness of our human condition,

the emptiness of accumulation,

the emptiness of unshared lives,

the emptiness of politics,

the emptiness of false worship,

the emptiness of wealth,

the emptiness of materialism,

the emptiness of prosperity,

the emptiness of strength.

We can easily get confused and distracted by our pursuit of the things on this list.  We think they will bring us happiness.

Solomon tells us they will not.  He has tried them all and none of them have given him what he was looking for.

Only one thing fills the emptiness that is inside of each one of us – a relationship with God.  This will make us happy.  Nothing and no one else will do that for us.

Solomon teaches us to strive for balance in our life as we find our purpose in knowing God and obeying him.

Everything else is meaningless.

Please help us always find our purpose in you, Abba Father.