Battles on Every Side




We all have our own battles to fight every day.

Relationship issues….

Money problems……

Health struggles…..

Work situations….

And more.

Every day.March 29 2016 battles on every side

As we read through 1 Chronicles, we see the Israelites fighting physical battles against their enemies on all sides of them.  They went to battle with their spears and swords.

We also have a sword to help us fight our battles – the Sword of the Spirit.  God’s word.  The Bible.

God’s truth pierces through the lies and sin of our cultures, helping us forge ahead on the good path God has planned out for us.

March 29 2016 battles on every side bThe Bible is our map for today, tomorrow and the rest of our time here on earth.  God lights our way as we read and meditate on his revelation to us.  As we memorize God’s word, he is arming us with powerful weapons that he can use to bring us victory.

God wants us to have victory in our lives.

And he can give us victory.

Are we giving him the room and authority in our lives to do that?

Please give us victory Abba Father.