My Eyes

It’s amazing!

How do my eyes work?how-or-better-who

I don’t know.  I know there’s a retina and fluid and a lens and a lid and….more parts.

But how can I see through them?

How intricate is this whole process that enables me to see light, dark, colors and shapes?

This is total mind-boggling for me.  I know there’s a scientific reason.  But who created the science behind it?

I don’t have to look any farther than my eyes to believe in a Creator God.

I don’t understand everything about God.  How could I?  I only have a 3.5 pound brain.  My brain is like a grain of sand compared with God’s spaceship of genius.  And that doesn’t even come close to describing God’s intelligence……its just the thing I can think of with the most lights, buttons and bells 🙂

I can only understand God at a very basic level and, after that, I just have to trust him.  I have to trust in him even though I can’t explain him.

I have to have faith.

I am grateful that God is beyond my understanding.  I am grateful that he is all-knowing and all-powerful even though I can’t sufficiently fathom what either of those two words describe.  I am grateful that he is eternal.  I can’t imagine what that means, either, but I know that it’s true of him.

Because he has told me in his Word.

And I trust him.

I am trusting him with my life….

and I am trusting him with my death.

Thank you, Abba Father.

He Never Sleeps

June 4 b he never sleepsGod is never tired, he is never impatient, he is never distracted, he is never busy.

We are made in his image – little glimpses of him show up in each of us.

But he is not like us.

This fact brings me a lot of peace and confidence.

I desire to be more like Jesus.

I am eternally grateful that he is not like me.  He has none of my weaknesses or failings.

Sometimes God tell us about his emotions in the Bible – anger, sadness, and joy.  All of his emotions are perfect – for the right reason.  They are not like our emotions which can often be centered on ourselves.

When Elijah mocked the priests of Baal in 1 Kings, he was trying to point out the godlessness of their gods.   When Baal didn’t respond to their requests,  Elijah suggested that they shout louder in case Baal is sleeping or busy.  This kicked the Baal prophets into a frenzy of shouting louder and slashing themselves with  swords and spears.  They often did this trying to get a response from Baal.

I grimace when I imagine this scene of four hundred and fifty bleeding prophets of Baal – crying out to a wooden statue which was made by a man.  Hoping for some answers.

How futile!

How wrong!

How lost?

When we look at the world which immediately surrounds each of us, we can say the same thing –

How futile!

How wrong!

How lost!

Jesus came to bring his light of truth, grace and salvation to everyone who would believe.

He lives within each believer and he has commissioned each of us to be his light in our part of this dark and broken world.

Dear Father, Please help us shine your light brightly right where we live, work and play.

Now I Believe!

When Jesus comes again, there will be no doubt as to who he is.  It’s going to be extremely clear to everyone that everything he said was true.

Nov 13 2013Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that he is Lord.

Jesus tells us to be like the faithful servant who does a great job of taking care of his master’s concerns while he is away.

We must be like the wise virgins who are prepared ahead of time for the bridegroom’s return.

Jesus tells us to be like the good and faithful servant who worked hard to be a good steward of what the master had given him while the master is away.

Unfortunately, when we see the returning King, it will be too late for the goats – those who have chosen to not accept the salvation offered to all of us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

 The goat’s unbelief will be evident in their care and treatment of the poor, hungry and sick.

God knows the condition of our hearts so there will be no mistakes as Jesus separates his sheep from the goats. 

Those who have chosen to put their faith in Jesus – his sheep – will be able to go to God because they have accepted Jesus’ atonement for their sin.  They will live with God into eternity.

The goats will be eternally separated from God because of their choice to remain separate from him here in this life.  They will now believe that it was all true and they will realize that they missed it.  They will experience the eternal consequences of their choice.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  There is no other way to go to the Father and live eternally with him in heaven.

One way – open for all who will accept salvation through Jesus Christ.

Thank you, dear Father, for making a way possible for all of us!