Blow Your Trumpet!

I don’t know how to blow a trumpet….do you?

So what is God trying to say to me as I read ‘blow the trumpets” in Numbers 10?  Thousands of years ago, God was directing the Israelites to blow their trumpets when they went to war to let their enemies know they were coming.

Then God said, “Blow the trumpets in times of gladness, too.”

And ‘blow the trumpets over your burnt offerings and peace offerings.”

The Israelites didn’t have God’s Spirit living inside of them like we, as believers, do today.  Blowing their trumpets was a loud, obvious way to acknowledge God’s presence and participation in what they were doing.

I don’t need to blow my trumpet but I do need to acknowledge God’s presence and participation in my life – every day.  I have found the best way to do this is talking with him.  You might call it praying – I consider it more of a conversation because he talks back.

I talk to God about the fears and worries that can fill my head when it’s dark.  Just the other night, my little grand darling, Eden, was staying overnight and she had a cough left over from a cold.  I gave her cough medicine before she went to bed and then woke up at 3 am hearing her coughing again.  After giving her some more medicine, I continue to hear her cough.  Poor baby!  It’s really hard to listen to little ones coughing in the night.  So I talked to God about it, asking him if I should get up with her?  Was there something else I should do?  And he assured me he had it covered.   A short time later the coughing stopped and she slept peacefully until the morning.  And I went back to sleep knowing ‘God’s got this’.  Thank you, Father.

I ask God to join me in the battle when I’m feeling the flaming arrows of the Evil one begin flying at me. (BTW, Satan really hates this blog.)  Please keep me on the path you have prepared for me, Father.

I share my glad times with God who is the Father of Light for all the good things he sends down to me from heaven.  ‘Every good and perfect gift’ is from you, Father. 

I praise God with my offerings of my time, talents and treasure.  You have blessed me with all of them, Father God.  Thank you. 

Many of us have the tradition of asking blessings over our food as we gather together to eat.  I love this moment of gratitude for God’s provision for us as we look at a table full of food.  It’s a great time to acknowledge God in our day – even when we’re in public.  Why not?

It’s time to blow our trumpets!

Thank you, Abba Father.