A Bad Exchange

Taking steps forward – not backward.  Growing in goodness – not growing in selfishness.  Softening my heart – not becoming bitter and cynical.

Change can be good – or bad.  It depends on how and what I’m changing.

I’m reminded of this as I read God’s word to me in Romans when the Gentiles rejected God.  “Their thinking became futile and their hearts were darkened.  They exchanged the truth about God for a lie.”

They changed – in a bad direction.  They became defined by worthless thinking and dark hearts.  They based their lives on lies, turning away from the One True God.  Then they took it a step farther – they encouraged others to do the same thing.

They became filled with envy, murder, strife and deceit.  They became slanderers and gossips, God-haters and boastful.  They had no understanding, no love, no fidelity and no mercy.  And they approved of their way of life.

Just thinking about what their days were like and how it must have felt to live like they were living turns my stomach.  What about you?

They lived worthless lives doing exactly what Satan would like all of us to do.  Satan could ignore them – they were sold out to his lies and they had given in to his schemes.  They were no threat to him.  His work with them was done.

Exchanging the truth for lies is always going to be a bad exchange.  I’m so glad we’re all on this journey towards the truth together so we can keep our compass pointed right at God.

Thank you, Abba Father.


Learn the Lesson

“Will you not learn a lesson and obey my words?” declares the Lord in Jeremiah 25.

Learn a lesson.August 7 2014 Learn the Lesson

How good are we at learning lessons?

Learning involves changing.  Changing our thought process which changes our attitudes which changes our behavior.


Some of us are scared of changing – not sure the change is going to be a good one.

Some of us are too stubborn to change – we think we’re just fine the way we are.

Some of us are too lazy to change – it takes an effort.

And there are plenty of other reasons and excuses we use to justify not changing.

God tells us over and over and OVER in his word that he wants to change us, renew our minds, transform us, cleanse our hearts.  He wants us to learn the lessons he is giving us…..and that requires changing.

In order to do that, we have to obey him.  Today, tomorrow, every day until we die.

We have to submit our will to his.

God is asking us today, “Will you not learn a lesson?”

Yes, dear Father.