God Made You Special….

and he loves you very much.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading these words to my granddaughter, Eden, from a Veggie Tales book we own.  She is a fabulous 5- month old 🙂

Eden loved the book.  She was cooing and kicking her legs – really enjoying the pictures along with the little song it plays with the same words.Eden 5 months

And I began to think about how she had just come from God.

She had recently felt his hands molding her in her mother’s womb.

She had felt his power move inside of her when her tiny heart began to beat.

God had just designed her sparking blue eyes and her surprisingly deep and loud laughter.

He had recently combined a calm spirit with a sweet attitude to give her a personality that makes her fun and easy to take care of.

One of my goals in life is to make sure she never forgets how special she is and how much God loves her.

Because we can easily forget how much God loves us, can’t we?  When did the joy and excitement of anticipation  morph into adult worry and stress? As our responsibilities  and concerns grow into adulthood, it’s sometimes hard to remember that God made us special and he loves us very much.

Some of the other words of this Veggie Tales book are – ‘when you look in the mirror, you’ll see his touch.’

So…..go look in the mirror.

See his touch.

Remember how much God loves you.

How special you are to him. Today.  Right now.

We love you, dear Father.

Psalm 146, 2014

May 9 2014I praise the Lord!

I praise him with all that I am!

I will praise the Lord until the day I die.

I’ll be singing praises to him for as long as I live….here and in heaven.

We can’t put our trust in people – they can’t save us.  When they die, their lives are over, all of their plans are done.

When we trust in God, we are blessed.  He is our only hope.

God is the creator of everything and he will be faithful to us forever.

He cares about those who are held down and held back by others.  He feeds the hungry.

The Lord sets us free.

He helps us to recognize what is true.

The Lord helps those who are weighed down by problems and sadness.

The Lord loves those who live their lives according to his directions.

The Lord cares for those who don’t belong anywhere.  He is a father to the fatherless and a husband to widows.

He purposely messes up the plans of those who listen to the whispers of the Evil One.

The Lord will be our King forever!  For all generations!

I praise the Lord!