Unlimited Power

Are you convinced of God’s limitless power?

If not, what would it to take to convince you?June 16 2015 Unlimitless power

If a whale swallowed you up when you were drowning in a storm, would you be convinced?

Jonah was.

As a result, he decided he would obey God and warn Nineveh of impending doom if they did not repent and turn to God.

In Jonah’s prayer, he says he was swirling down to the very heart of the sea with waves sweeping over him, down to the realm of the dead.  He called for help and the Lord brought him up from the pit.

Do we ever feel like we are falling deep into the depths with problems and issues piling on top of us, pressing us down?

Are we engulfed by the cares of this world, sinking down into the darkness?

God tells us to turn away from the worries and fears that distract us and call on him.  Repent and obey.

And he will bring our lives up from the pit.  Just like he did for Jonah.

We believe in your power and in your faithfulness, dear Father.


We come to you, dear God, for we are thirsty….July 18 2013

thirsty for the water that only comes from you.

We have no money, nothing of value except what you have given us.

We can come to you through your gift of grace and you take care of all of our needs.  Everyday.

But sometimes we still get tempted by the distractions of this world.  And we spend our time and our passions and the resources you give us on things that don’t satisfy us.  They never will.

Only you, dear Father, can satisfy the desires of our soul.  We want to listen….and then listen some more.

We want to eat what is good – all of the good things that come from you.

When we focus on you, we are delighted by the richness of what you provide.  More than we ever dreamed.

We give you more than just an ear, dear God.  We lift up all of our heart, mind and soul to you today.

We desire to live in your will.

Please quench our thirst, Holy Father.