They Were Both Named Adam

In the beginning, there were two people in the Garden of Eden and they were both named Adam.Jan 2 2016 They were both Adam

It wasn’t until after sin entered the garden that Adam named the woman ‘Eve’. (Gen. 3:20).

How different would marriages be today if husbands and wives had the same first name?  It might help us get closer to how God views marriage.

In God’s eyes, when we take our vows of marriage, we become one person.  We are male and female parts of one person – just like Adam was in the beginning.

We are meant to go through life together, loving and caring for each other just like are one person.  It’s not ‘my wife has a problem’ or ‘my husband has an issue”.  It’s always our problem and our issue.

If we were both called by the same first name, this might be more evident.  It doesn’t mean we have to do everything together and go everywhere together.  In a good marriage, the man and woman are emotionally and physically and spiritually one person.

When the sins of rebellion and selfishness and independence enter a marriage, they create division.  We split into two separate people – sometimes permanently.

But that’s not how God designed marriage.   That’s not what he wants for us.

In the beginning, we were both Adam.

Please help us strengthen our marriages, Abba Father.