Drenched in Pain

The rain came –lightning_electricity_night_242819_l

it drenched us with grief and pain.

The streams rose –

we were threatened on every side with deep loss and sadness.

The winds blew –

beating on us every day.  Reminding us of what was lost.

The storm broke our hearts.

It changed our lives – sending us in a direction we never wanted to go.

The powerful storm moved us to a place we never wanted to be.

the-storm-beat-against-the-houseBut our house did not fall…..

because our lives are built on the Solid Rock that Jesus told us about in Luke 6.

His name is God.

And he was there through the storm – holding us, guiding us, loving us – never letting go of us.

He is with us still – comforting us, loving us, showing us the way.

The storm came, but our Foundation could not be shaken.

Thank you, Abba Father.