Who Are Our Enemies?

The Bible often tells us how God helps us conquer our enemies.  In our world today, our enemies may not be as obvious as in Biblical times.  No one is throwing a spear at us…..or, are they?

In Ezra 4, the Israelites are rebuilding the temple after their exile to Syria and their enemies are discouraging them and making them afraid to go on building.September 24 2013



Do we have people in our lives who discourage us?  People who tell us we should be afraid?

These are weapons of our enemies and they are very clear weapons of our chief Enemy – Satan.

Satan loves to whisper discouragement into our ears.  He loves to bring discouraging people into our lives so that they can help him speak lies and negativity into our minds.

Satan loves to make us afraid.  It’s not a coincidence that God tells us so many times in his Word to not be afraid.  Satan loves to make us fearful – then we’re defeated before we’ve even begun.  Fear handicaps us, it haunts us, it can consume us.

Yes, we have many enemies.  And God promises us that he has already conquered them.  When we walk closely with him, we can also be conquerors.

Thank you, dear Father!