Justice For All

Equal Justice.

Due Process.

Our modern justice system was modeled after the laws which God gave Moses.   The culture at that time was filled with cruel kings who capriciously imposed evil and sub-human punishments upon their people.  The processes and procedures God set up brought a higher level of due process and equal justice than that culture had ever seen.

The Mosaic laws were meant to teach the value of life to the people and raise the level of ethical conduct within the Israelite nation.

One of the key words there is ‘ethical’ which means ‘how one should live’.  Our current culture has morphed that definition into ‘how I think I should live’ and ethics don’t mean anything with that definition.  When we lose a compass, any shared standard of ethics is also lost.  This explains a lot of the mess in our culture today.god-is-our-compass

Because our compass can only be one person – God.

He created us.  He knows how he designed it all to work.  He wants the best for us.  He is omnipotent – he can do anything.

There is nothing and no one else who knows us and loves us like God.

When I make him my compass, I am plugging into the Creator of the Universe.  It’s not what I think is right that matters.  What matters is what God thinks.

And so I read God’s word.  Study God’s word.  Memorize God’s word.  And I’m very serious about this journey towards the truth.

I’m very glad you are on this journey with me.

We love you, Abba Father.