Real Love

We humans don’t know how to really love each other. We love each other if the other person is being lovable.  We love each other when the other person looks right, acts right and smells good.  Our love quickly fades – proven by our divorce rates.  Our love quickly gives up when the going gets tough – proven by the number of one-parent families in our culture.

It’s too little, too late, too conditional.

Even at the best of times, our love is just a tiny drop of moisture compared to the ocean of love that God has for us.

We can never understand the depth and the width and the height of God’s love.

But we can believe.

And when we believe, we find the most important love relationship of our lives.Sept 15 2015 climbing a tall ladder

Here is an excerpt from the Experiencing God bible study that I’m going through with my small group right now.  Understanding and believing this truth forever changed how I look at God’s commands. How I read his Word to me.  It blew up my previous perception of God’s love and changed how I lived my life from that day on:

God loves you deeply and profoundly.  Because he loves you, He has given you guidelines for living so you will not miss the full dimensions of the love relationship.  Life also has some land mines that can destroy you or harm your life.  God does not want to see you miss His best, and He does not want your life destroyed by foolish choices.

Suppose you had to cross a field full of land mines and a person who knew exactly where each one was buried offered to take you through it.  Would you say to him, “I don’t want you to tell me what to do.  I have free will!  I don’t want you to impose your ways on me”?

I don’t know about you, but I would stay as close to that person as I could.  I certainly would not wander off.  His directions to me would preserve my life.  He would say, ‘Don’t go that way, because that way will kill you.  Go this way, and you will live.’

That is the purpose of God’s commands.  He wants you to receive life and have it abundantly.  When the Lord gives you a command, He is trying to protect and preserve the best He has for you.  He does not want you to lose it.  When God gives a command, He is not restricting you.  He is freeing you.”

Thank you, Abba Father!

Climbing a Tall Ladder

Picture in your mind a tall ladder leaning against a wall.  Now think about your life as a process of climbing that ladder.  Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to ascend to the top and find you had placed the ladder against the wrong wall?  One life to live, and you missed it!”

When I first read this paragraph from Experiencing God many years ago, it startled me.  I’m a very goal oriented person so I was definitely climbing a ladder.  The thought that I could be climbing the wrong ladder caused me a lot of concern.  The fact that I could work so hard to get somewhere I didn’t want to be caused me to stop.  And seriously reconsider my priorities.Sept 15 2015 climbing a tall ladder

Your walk with God (Father, Son, and Spirit) is the single most important aspect of your life.  If it is not as it should be, nothing else will function properly.”

“Scripture leads us to understand that God is saying, ‘ I want you to love Me above everything else.   When you are in a relationship of love with Me, you have everything there is.’  To be loved by God is the highest relationship, the greatest achievement,and the noblest position in life.”

God used these words from Experiencing God to help redirect my life onto the right ladder.  At that time I thought my success was going to come from my career.  God helped me understand that any success I would ever have – then and now –  would come through my relationship with him.

With him, everything else happens as it should, according to his will and his plan.

Without him, I was just working very hard and sacrificing too much as I climbed up the wrong ladder.

I am going through the Experiencing God study again – for the 4th time, many years later –  with my small group and I am filled with gratitude to my Father God.  He got my attention and brought his truth into my life at just the right time so I could switch ladders.  I am 100% confident that I’m now on the right ladder, the right path.

And this path going to take me all the way home, where my heart is.

Thank you, Abba Father.