We Are Free!

Free from guilt.

Free from never being good enough.

Free from emptiness.

Free from wondering why we’re here.

Free from trying to be in control when we know we’re not. (Or are you still operating with the misconception that you’re in control?)

And the list of our freedoms goes on…

Jesus tells us in Luke that his Father sent him to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.

That’s us.

Without Jesus in our lives, we are held prisoners by our past, our present and our future.

But Jesus came to set us free!  We just need to accept his gift of redemption and follow him.we-are-set-free

Then we are truly free.

Yes, we still struggle.

Yes, we still do things and say things we wish we hadn’t.

Yes, we still have questions and issues in our lives.  We have pain and sorrow.

But we know who holds the key.  He knows the way.  He has already won!

He is walking right next to us in this world and he will be walking right next to us into the next.

We are free in Christ Jesus!

Truly free!