It Felt Like Years

Two years, in fact!

Joseph interpreted the dream of Pharoah’s cupbearer and all he asked for in return was that the cupbearer remember Joseph when he got out of prison.  Just like the dream, the cupbearer was released from prison and given back his job,

but he forgot about Joseph for 2 years.Gen 41.2

Two years of sitting in prison, waiting to be remembered!  Will it ever happen?  Joseph had already experienced hatred, betrayal and treachery coming at him from all angles and now this!

Throughout Joseph’s story, we continue to hear that God was with him.  We know that God was with him in prison – he helped him interpret the dreams. God has told us that he has a plan and a purpose for everything.  So God must have had 2 more years worth of things to teach Joseph in prison – hence, the delay.

But we don’t like delays.  Patience in the face of diversity is a tough challenge.  We don’t like it.  It feels like God is not answering our prayers. 

It’s the trust factor, again.  It’s knowing that, contrary to my circumstances right now, God has the best planned for me.  He is working things out for me.

Right now……..even if it takes 2 years.

It’s So Easy…..

to satisfy our immediate needs and give up something that would be a big benefit to us in the future.Gen 25

Esau does this when he sells his birthright for some food because he was ‘famished’.

What do we sell when we’re famished?  When we feel like we really need something…..and we really need it now.

Many of us have sold ourselves to our creditors when we get into a lot of  debt to buy things we really, really need right now.  As a result, we have to work too much and stress too much, losing our joy and sacrificing precious time with our family.

Many of us have sold ourselves to sports, hobbies and recreation to the point that we don’t have time for God.  We give up all the blessings God wants to lavish upon us when we make no time for him in our schedules.

Whenever we feel short-changed by life or are experiencing a  lack of joy in our lives, we need to remember that we can do something about it.  We can turn back to God and set our eyes on him.  We can choose the ‘better’ things that are available to us through a solid relationship with him. 

We won’t feel ‘famished’ when we have a strong faith in God.


Abraham  does it again!  He tells another king, King Abimelek, that Sarah is his sister!Gen 20.2

He got caught and was ejected from the town the last time he did this – why is he doing it again?

We would never do that, would we?

We would never make the same mistake over and over like Abraham…..

or would we?

If we’re honest with each other, we’ll admit that we do this regularly – especially when we’re dealing with relationship issues or parenting issues.  We just keep hammering the same nails over and over and wonder why the situation doesn’t improve.  We’re really in trouble when we blame the other person each time.  It’s really easy to blame someone else – then we don’t have to own our part.

I was told many years ago that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different outcome 🙂  Realizing the insanity can help motivate us to spend some extra energy is thinking of new ways to approach an issue.

Try something different.  It might work!  At least it won’t be the same old mistake.  It might be a new mistake but we can learn from it and try something else.

Will Abraham learn his lesson this second time God told on him and he got caught?  We’ll have to read the rest of the story and find out!

Passing the Test

Dear Heavenly Father,

We ask you to grow in us the faith and trust that our Father Abraham had in you.

You tested him and he trusted you.Gen 22

He knew you would provide….in some way.  He didn’t know how.  You gave him no clues.

But he obeyed.  He was willing to sacrifice his only son because he loved you.

Like your sacrifice of your only son, Jesus, for us……because you love us.

When we experience trials, dear Father, we want to trust you.  We know that you are working all things out for those that love you.  We can’t see the end.  You rarely give us any clues.  It’s so easy to become anxious and try to take care of things ourselves…..

Until we lift up our eyes and focus on you.  Then we know the answer.  Your word lights our path.  Trust paves the way to peace.  Your peace, dear Father.

We love you.  Please keep drawing us nearer.