He Sends an Angel

Have you talked with an angel lately?

I’m reading the various accounts of Jesus’ birth in the gospels.  My chronological Bible puts them all together and I’m amazed once again by all of the personal interaction humans had with angels during this time.

Angels were popping up all over!

I’m a little jealous.  I think it would be fabulous – and a little scary – to talk with an angel.  There’s a reason the first thing angels always say to humans is “Fear not”.

Such a moment!  I know God sent you.  I get it – this is a supernatural interaction and I am all ears.

But – then I realized.  God still sends angels into my life today but they wear regular clothes and walk on two legs like me.

Since Jesus turned everything upside down by dying on the cross for us and sending his Spirit to live inside of believers, I think God often uses us average-type people to be angels for each other.  When we obey the voice of the Holy Spirit, God can use us like he uses angels in the New Testament.  God can speak through us into other people’s lives to love each other, encourage each other and to speak truth.

God has commissioned all believers to have a purpose and a part in his plan here on earth.

That’s you and me.

Wings are optional.

Love you, Abba.

Walking Through the Fire

We are never alone.

As believers, the Spirit of God lives within us.

God walks with us every step of our lives….even through the fire.Sept 4 2015 our God is able

God reminds us of this as we read the historical account of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace because of their faith in God.

As King Nebuchadnezzar watched the furnace expecting to see all 3 of them burn, he witnessed a miracle.  There were actually 4 men in the furnace and they were walking around, unharmed. Nebuchadnezzar described the 4th person as a ‘son of the gods.’  An angel.  And this angel was walking around inside of the furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, waiting until it was God’s time for the door to open so they could come out.

God protected them.  He sent an angel as a visible symbol of his care and concern for them.

God still sends angels today.  In our lives, angels most often take the form of another believer whom God sends to be a visible symbol of his love and care for us.  The Holy Spirit lives inside of every believer.  As a result, when we do his will, our hands become his hands.  Our words become messages from God.

Or sometimes God still sends angels from heaven.  Maybe you’ve met one?  And maybe you’ve met one but you didn’t know it.

And there are other times when we may be physically alone but God’s spirit within us makes us very aware than we are not spiritually alone.

God is very alive within us.

And he walks with us through the fire…

through the pain…

through the uncertainty.

Great is your faithfulness, Abba Father!