Which Direction?

So many decisions…

sometimes its hard to figure out my next steps.

A lot of options.


Why can’t I get a burning bush like God gave Moses?  It was big.  It was dramatic. There was an angel in the bush.  Moses couldn’t miss it.  If I got one of those, it would be so much easier to listen and follow, right?

In my life, God gives me what I would call burning plants.  They are a lot smaller than a bush and much less impressive but when I’m reading God’s word, praying and listening, God will set fire to the next small plant – lighting the way to my next decision – and then my next.

Here’s how it works – I’m regularly reading God’s word and listening to how he wants me to apply it to my life.  I pray – expecting God to move and answer but keeping my mind open knowing that God can answer in a way that’s much different from how I think he will answer.

I watch.

And he lines up my circumstances, one step at a time.

He will also add confirmations along the way.  Godly people around me will say something that reinforces the direction indicated by a recent burning plant.  And it’s not unusual for my pastor on Sunday to say something that confirms my next decision.

When God knows I am watching and listening, he can work through all of these things to make my next step clear to me.

I have found that I don’t need a big, dramatic burning bush if I’m paying attention.  My small burning plants work just fine.

Thank you for your guidance, Abba Father.

A Theocracy

In a Theocracy, God decides the rules, the laws and how the governing of the people works.  He judges and decides punishment.  He directs the use of possessions and how they are bought and sold.  He decides how relationships between people should be handled and the consequences for not following his rules.  If there is a king, he is under the direction of God – just like everyone else.March 1 2015 A theocracy

As we read through the laws written in Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy, we see God addressing all areas of the Israelites life.  Because God was the head of everything.

Is that true of our lives?  We don’t have a theocratic government but we can choose to have a theocratic life.  This means God’s direction and desires govern ALL aspects of our lives, not just of some of them.

Most of us have the main commands of loving God first and loving others as ourselves pretty engrained in our heads.  As we read through God’s laws, its interesting to see that some of the details still translate into our lives today.

What does God say we should do if we find something someone has lost?

How should we care for other’s possessions – like the cars parking next to us in the parking lot?

What is the payment due if we argue with someone and emotionally hurt them?

If we’re selling something and someone offers us more than we know it is worth – what does God tell us to do?

Please help us look to you for direction in all parts of our lives, dear Father.

Sleepless in Susa

Sometimes God wakes us up – both literally and figuratively.

Sometimes God wants a little extra amount of our attention given to him and to his plan so he wakes us up in the middle of the night.Oct 4 2014 Sleepliess in Susa

And we can’t get back to sleep.

Other times, it may be something we ate for dinner that’s keeping us up. 🙂

But it could be God.

So my go-to solution for these sleepless nights (if the problem isn’t my stomach), is to pray and listen.  I meditate on what God has been saying to me lately…and pray….and listen…and pray….and fall asleep.

The next morning I often wake up with a new understanding about what God is doing or directions for the next step in his plan for my life.

God did this same thing with King Xerxes and we read about it in the book of Esther.  The king couldn’t sleep so he asked for the record of his reign to be read to him.   (This sounds like a real snoozer!)  And God reminded the king that nothing had been done to honor Mordecai who had exposed a conspiracy to assassinate the king.  The king wanted to take care of this situation and so the plot of the story thickens.

Has God woken you up lately?

Try the ‘pray….. listen….meditate…..pray’ thing and let me know how it works.

Thank you, dear Father, for the guidance you give us….in the middle of the night.