We Have So Much More

King Josiah was very busy in 2 Kings with cleaning up the messes that the unfaithful kings before him had made.  One of his projects was getting the temple of the Lord back into shape.Aug 2 2013

In the middle of doing this, the priests found the Book of the Law that God had given to Moses.  The first thing they did was read it.  Then they took it right to King Josiah and read it for him.  The King understood that this was God’s word and tore his robes as an outward sign of the repentance he felt regarding his behaviors and the behaviors of his ancestors.

He recognized that the Lord had been angry with them because they had not been keeping the Word of the Law.

After reading the limited version of the Word of God that they had, they immediately changed.

How much more is our responsibility as we hold the entire revelation of God in our hands?

Or even worse – as God’s revelation to us sits in a pile of books somewhere in our house gathering dust?

We not only have the entire old testament, we have the incredible new testament.  God’s became flesh and came to dwell among us.  We have seen God and it is Jesus.  The new testament tells us everything God wants us to know about Jesus.  It completes God’s revelation of his Love Story for us.

King Josiah got it right.  He read, he believed, he applied it to his life and he exerted all the influence he had on the world around them to help them also see the Truth.

Now, what about me?