Psalm 103, 2020

I praise the Lord with all that I am.  I will never forget all he has done for me – he has forgiven all of my sins and healed my brokenness.  He has redeemed me from a life filled with darkness and emptiness.

He fills up my heart with his love and compassion.  He only gives me things that are good for me and renews my strength so I can face each day.

Have I mentioned how compassionate and gracious he is?  And he is so patient with me.  I feel his love pouring down over me and overflowing onto those around me.

He doesn’t treat me like a sinner.  His love for me is bigger than the sky.  He has made my sin disappear from his eyes through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus.

God is a compassionate father to all of us who love him.  He knew us before we were born.

We are like flowers in the field which bloom and  then are gone – blown over by the wind and gone.

But God’s love is never-ending for those who love him.  His promises extend out to the children of the faithful.

Thank you, Abba Father

(This picture is the profile of my little grandson whom God is forming inside of my daughter right now.  God knows all about him already.  We get to meet him in July.)