Rain Has a Purpose

Rain comes down from the heavens and waters the earth.July 18 2016 the rain has a purpose

The rain makes the earth bud and flourish – feeding the hungry and providing seed for continued growth.

The rain storm itself can be a dangerous place to get stuck.

It’s dark.

It’s cold.

The waters rise as the storm continues.

But eventually the storm ends, the waters recede and the storm has fulfilled it’s purpose –

just like the storms in our lives will fulfill their purpose when we let God guide us through the dark, cold rain.

God tells us in Isaiah 55 that his ways are not like our ways.July 18 2016 b rain has a purpose

His thoughts are not like our thoughts.

He will accomplish his will and achieve his purposes.

He is God.

And we are not.

When we understand this and live it out, we find the joy and peace that only God can give.

Thank you, Abba Father.