Jonah’s Prayer 2014

When it all hit the fan, I decided to call out to you, God….

and you answered me.June 16 2014 Jonah's prayer

My choices took me to a deep, dark place in my life,

far from you.

But you still heard me when I prayed.

I tried to run from you – a very bad decision.  And now you’re letting me pay the consequences as waves of darkness and regret wash over me.

I feel like you are very far away, dear God.

Even so, I am going to look for you, watch for you, call out to you.

I keep sinking….


into the cold,


sadness.   This is where my choices have taken me.

But I know you are here, Lord God.

And you will lift me back up into your arms.

When I was lost, I remembered you and I turned back to you, God.

I’m not like those other people who idolize money, success or fame.

I praise you with a joyful heart, my God!

I am here to do your will.  I will do what you have asked me to do.