What Are You Looking For?

Are you looking for peace in your life?

Are you searching for a purpose?July 18 a 2015 what are you looking for

Are you wanting more joy in your life?

Do you desire to make a difference in this world?

Do you have a broken part of you that needs fixing?

Do you have a piece of you that is lost and needs to be found?

Are you  desperately looking for someone who will love you?  Real love?  Not the kind that fades away and is gone?

A genuine relationship with God can give us all of these things.

In Isaiah 55, God tells us to come to him when we are thirsty for anything.  He can give it all to us at no charge.

God points out that we spend a lot of money  buying things that don’t fill our needs.  We work very hard in order to get these things but they don’t satisfy us.

If we listen to God, we will not only have what is good for us but we will ‘delight in the richest of fare’. (vs 2)

‘The richest of fare’ – unconditional love, God’s purpose for creating us, joy, peace, wholeness and grace.

When we go to God with our wants and desires, we will find everything we’re looking for – and much more.

We will be delighted!   🙂

Thank you, Abba Father.