By His Wounds, We Are Healed

Over 700 years before Jesus’ birth, Isaiah prophesized that:

* He would not come like a majestic king.ftdDSC_0523

* He would be rejected by people.

*  He would be a man who knew suffering.

*  Others would look down on him, they would despise him.

*  Yet, he would bear our sins.

*  He would be crushed because of our lies and rebellion.

*  He would be wounded for us so that we could find peace and healing.ftdDSC_0505

* He would not open his mouth as he was led to his own slaughter.

*  No one would protest.

* After the Messiah suffered, he would come back to life bringing salvation to many.

Isaiah was so right.

And we are so blessed!

Thank you, dear Jesus!ftdDSC_0549