Hard to Wait

When we want something to happen,

when it’s going to be good,

when today isn’t that great.

But we have to wait.

The Old Testament ended on a high point of the Israelites turning back to God, listening to his Word and trying to obey.

Then came a 400-year break in God’s Word to us.Oct 14 2015 Hard to Wait.

We know the Israelites continued on with their lives during that time.

They were waiting….

expecting the Messiah to show up.

How long were they going to have to wait?

The historical record of the Old Testament ends but there are many other historical documents written during these 400 years.  Several of these have been grouped together in the Apocrypha.  I’m especially interested in the book of Judith ( I wonder why?).  It reads a lot like the book of Esther without the awesome “for such a time as this” part.

400 years of waiting.

That’s a long time.

A very long time of anticipating the coming of the Messiah who will save them from their enemies.

A glorious time was coming……

But when?

Where Do We Find It?


Do we find it when our To-Do lists are done?

When we have some extra money in our bank account?

Do we really ever find peace from the thoughts….. Bethlehem sign

the plans….

the fears….

the regrets….

swirling around in our heads?

The prophet Micah tells us that Jesus is our peace.

I always find it amazing that, over 700 years before Jesus was born, Micah and Isaiah prophesied so clearly and so accurately with so many details about the Messiah.

In Micah 5, we read that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem.  There is very little peace in Bethlehem these days.  On my recent visit to Israel, one of the shopkeepers in Bethlehem asked us to pray for freedom for Bethlehem.  It is a very depressed and oppressed city.

Micah also told us that the Messiah would be a shepherd who would care for his flock with his strength and majesty.  The Messiah’s flock would be secure because of his great power over all the earth.

And Micah tells us the Messiah would bring us peace.

Please give us your peace, dear Jesus.