I Can Be Very Stubborn

Which way am I going?  Forward?

Or backward?

Am I moving towards God?

Or away?

Maybe I’m not moving anywhere – just staying the same?  If that’s true, then I’m wandering because I need to be growing closer to God.

One of the things that made God’s anger burn toward Israel was that fact that they “went backward and not forward.” Jeremiah tells us.  “They followed the stubborn inclinations of their evil hearts.”

Wow!  There are situations where I can be very stubborn.  How about you?

I think the key for those of us with this stubborn streak is also found in these verses from Jeremiah where God calls us to walk in obedience.  That’s where I need to be stubborn.  That’s exactly where you need to be stubborn.  We need to be very stubborn about walking in obedience.

Then God promises that it will ‘go well’ with me – and you.

As I am stubborn about following the heart of God, not my own, I find myself moving forward –

closer to God –

right into his arms.

Thank you, Abba Father.

Standing in the Gap

  • remaining faithful to God and his word through all of life’s ups and downs.
  • discipling and mentoring others as we walk this path of faith together.
  • praying and loving others, leaving the judging to God.
  • keeping our eyes on God instead of all the ‘attractions’ of this world.
  • sharing the Good News with others so they might believe.August 20 2015 standing in the gap

In Ezekiel, God told the people of Judah that he had looked for someone to stand before him in the gap on behalf of the people of the land but he found no one.

Not one.

Dear Father, you are a righteous and holy God.  Please help us walk in step with you, repentant and obedient.  When you look on us today, may you find us standing in the gap for others.  You have made that possible by your grace and the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us.  We love you!  In the redeeming name of Jesus we pray, Amen.