A Long, Precious History

Since I was born –

from then to now –

God has been my Shepherd.

So Israel’s (formerly known as Isaac) words echo through my mind as I read in Genesis about how he describes God during his last days on earth, ” God who has been my Shepherd all my life to this day.”

Israel and I share the experience of having a long family legacy of faith.

In Genesis 48, Israel is blessing his grandsons – Joseph’s sons – before he breathes his last breath.  This was very serious business and Joseph isn’t happy when Israel switches hands and gives the younger son the greater blessing.

But I know that one of the biggest blessings these grandsons and all of Israel’s grandsons are receiving is the long family history of belief and faith they have been nurtured in since their birth.  It started with their Great, Great Grandfather Abraham and it is being passed down to them.

They have had years and years of role models in their lives of people who followed God and obeyed.  This is a precious blessing that will change their lives forever if they choose to follow in the steps of those who have gone before them.

I have received this blessing as I pursue a life of following God and being faithful to him….

as my mother did….

and my grandmothers…..

and my great grandmothers – on back through history.

If this isn’t true of your family, you have the awesome opportunity to get it started.

Thank you for giving me the blessing of having a long family history of faith, Abba Father.

Which Way?

Which way are we going – forward or backward?

Some of us are stuck in the past and we’re going backwards.

Others of us don’t want to change and, as the world changes around us, we are automatically going backwards.

Many of us would like to be going forward but we’re often not sure what that means.  What does going forward look like for me?  For you?  How do we make that happen?

Jeremiah tells us in his 7th chapter that obeying God is moving forward.July 28 2016 which way

When we stop focusing on ourselves and ignore our stubborn inclinations of rebellion to God, we can start moving forward.

Paying attention to God and his truth + applying his truth to our lives + letting God transform us = moving forward.

When we stay in line with God, we can’t go backwards.  God changes us.  He renews our minds.  He continues to redeem more and more of our thoughts and our actions as we walk closely with him.

When we obey God, we are moving forward.

Into his light.

Into his love.

Thank you, Abba Father.