No Luck Involved

I recently talked with a man in his 40″s who said he believed that most of what life throws at us is luck.  Some people are lucky so good things come their way.  Others aren’t lucky so bad things happen to them.April 16 2014

How interesting!  Because I believe the total opposite.  I don’t believe in luck.  I think that our decisions directly determine what happens to us.  Sometimes we don’t think ahead when making decisions and we don’t like where we end up, but it’s not luck.

As a Christian, I also believe that God works everything out for good for those who love him.  But not without consequences for bad decisions we’ve made.  He walks with us as we go through the bad consequences and he helps us grow wisdom through these negative experiences.   If we let God guide us through the pain, disappointment and regrets, we come out more mature and with a greater faith at the other end.

In 2 Samuel, King David had made some bad choices so he and his people were going to pay the consequences.  No luck involved.

Blaming the results of our bad choices on luck is a very dangerous road to take.  When we don’t hold ourselves personally accountable for our decisions,  we won’t be motivated to change and improve.  I see lots of ‘bad luck’ ahead for anyone who chooses the treacherous path of not taking responsibility for where our decisions have taken us.  If we want a different outcome, we need to make different choices.

No luck involved.

Please give us wisdom, dear Father.