I Need a Reminder

You need a reminder.

We forget.

We get distracted.

We start focusing on ourselves (again) and we forget that the Holy Spirit lives within us and that God wants to be involved in every part of our lives.

We could really use a reminder like God gave the Israelites.  ” The LORD said to Moses, ‘Make two trumpets of hammered silver, and use them for calling the community together and for having the camps set out. When both are sounded, the whole community is to assemble before you at the tent of meeting.  If only one is sounded, the leaders – the heads of the clans of Israel – are to assemble before you.” Numbers 10: 1, 2.

God gave Moses a whole system of communicating to the huge crowd of Israelites with trumpets which included telling them when to go into battle, when and how they broke camp and even when it was time to celebrate.  Different trumpet blasts gave the different instructions but each blast reminded them that God was with them.  He was in charge.  He was taking care of things.

Sometimes we could really use a trumpet blast today, couldn’t we?  We’d love a loud reminder that God is with us.

I have learned that developing good spiritual habits is the best way for me be constantly plugged in to God so I don’t forget that God is in charge and he is taking care of everything.

* Regularly reading and studying my Bible, applying God’s word to my life.

* Talking with God often and then listening, expecting a reply.

* Regularly participating in worship with my spiritual family.

* Regularly meeting with other Christians for Bible study – encouraging each other and growing together as we walk this path of faith.

Each one of these habits is like a trumpet blast – reminding me that the Spirit of God is alive within me and he is in the process of transforming me to be more like Jesus.

Thank you for your trumpet blasts, Abba Father.

Where do we go?

Where do we go when we’re in trouble?

Who do we turn to when something bad happens to us?

Most of us will turn to God at these times.  Even if we’ve never prayed before, we will often give it a try when the situation is bad enough.

When we’re in big trouble, we find it’s worth a couple of minutes to float up a prayer or 2, asking God to save us.

God tells us in Jeremiah 2 that the Israelites were doing the same thing.  The people had turned their backs on God – until they got into trouble.  Then they would ask God to save them from their terrible situation.July 25 2016 who do we go to

Why do people do this?

Because underneath all the lies that have been fed into our brains, we recognize our Creator.

We sense his power and activity in our world.

Even when we know nothing else about him, we hear his voice in our heads.  We call it our ‘conscience’.  But our conscience has a name – God.

And, it’s true that his voice gets more and more faint the farther we get from God.

Even so, when we’re in trouble, when we’re in a situation where we have no control, we know who does.

And we naturally turn to him.

If that’s the only time we go to God, we are really missing it!

We are missing the strength he can give us to live our lives with purpose everyday.

We miss the love God can shower on us each day as he walks closely beside us.

We miss the grace God has for us as we make mistakes, learn from them and grow.

We miss the joy God can give us as he fills our lives with his truth and light.

We miss the wisdom God can give us so can make good decisions – choosing the best path for our lives.

If you are missing any of these things in your life, today is a good day to turn your face towards God and grow your daily personal relationship with him.

He will still be there when you’re in trouble.  He will actually be closer and you’ll be able to hear him better.

And you won’t be missing all of the blessings he has for you each day.

Today is a great day to make that decision.

You have nothing to lose.

We love you, Abba Father.


Sound the Trumpet

The Israelites were reminded that God was with them when the trumpet sounded.  Different trumpet blasts were used to communicate various messages to them.feb 7 2015 Sound the trumpets

One of the blasts told them the leaders were supposed to gather.  Another told them the whole community was supposed to congregate.  A different blast told them to pick up their tents and start moving.  Another one was used when they were going into battle.  Or, at festival time, the trumpets were blown over their burnt offerings and fellowship offerings.

In all of these situations the trumpet sound reminded them that God was with them.

Sometimes we could really use a trumpet blast today, couldn’t we?  We’d love a loud reminder that God is with us.

We forget.

We get distracted.

We start focusing on ourselves (again) and we forget that the Holy Spirit lives within us and that God wants to be involved in every part of our lives.

Developing good spiritual habits is the best way for us to be constantly plugged in to God so that we don’t wander into ‘me’ land.

* Regularly reading and studying our Bible, applying his word to our lives.

* talking with God often and then listening, expecting a reply.

* Regularly participating in worship with our spiritual family.

* Regularly meeting with other Christians – encouraging each other and growing together as we walk this path of faith.

Each one of these habits is  trumpet blast – reminding us that God is alive within us and he is very busy transforming us to be more like Jesus.

Thank you for our trumpet blasts, Abba Father.

Lay it Down

When our burden is heavy, we need to lay it down in front of God – just like Hezekiah did with his letter in 2 Kings.July 10 2014 Lay it down

This letter was filled with very real threats of impending destruction for Hezekiah and his people.

So Hezekiah spread it out before God and talked to God about it.

How wise!  The battle that was coming was way too large for Hezekiah to fight on his own.

He didn’t panic.

He didn’t get all wrapped up in his own worries and anxiety.

He didn’t do any of those things.

He prayed.

And God answered.

That night the angel of the Lord went to the camp of Hezekiah’s enemies and annihilated all of the Assyrian fighting men and officers.

When the Assyrian king realized what had happened, he withdrew in disgrace.  He never touched Jerusalem.

God can and will do the same thing for us.

We just need to lay our burdens down at the feet of our Omnipotent and Loving Father.

Thank you, dear God.

A Call to Action

Jesus is travelling through towns and villages in Matthew 9 teaching in the synagogues and healing the sick.   He has compassion on the people because they are so harassed and helpless.

He tells his disciples that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

And he tells his disciples what he wants them to do about this issue.October 31 2013

What would you expect him to say?  He has just pointed out a huge opportunity to bring needy people into the Kingdom of God.

The next step is to ?

I would have expected Jesus to say Go!  Go do something about this. But that’s not what he said. 

He told his disciples to pray. 

Pray to the Lord of Harvest to send out workers.

Pray!  Not Go.


That’s his direction to us today – about the harvest, about everything.  Pray.  Ask our Father God to prepare things in advance for us. 

Then we go.

In your name, Dear Father.



and pray.

Watch and pray.

Watch and pray.July 20 2013

God tells Jerusalem in Isaiah 62 that he had posted matchmen on it’s walls and these watchmen were never silent, day or night.

I know of a specific time in my life when God posted watchmen on my walls.

The watchmen were not silent. 

They watched.

And they prayed.

These watchmen were my mother and mother-in-law.  They were both Godly women who lived thousands of miles away from us but they knew my husband and I needed prayer.  So they prayed. 

They didn’t know the details but they prayed.

It was a time when my husband and I were making a lot of very important, life-changing decisions….

but we weren’t consulting God.

It was a time when we thought we were in control and we had a plan…..

but we never considered God’s purpose for our lives.

When I look back on that time, I am amazed at how well those HUGE decisions worked out.

And then I am reminded of the watchmen on our walls.  They were praying.  God was answering the prayers of our mothers in response to their faithfulness. 

We received the blessings of God through our mother’s prayers.  I still believe that God has a special interest in the fervent prayers of a faithful mother.

God calls each of us to be watchmen for others at different times through our lives.  To watch and pray.  To lift the cares of others up and lay them at the feet of the Father – knowing that all things are possible through him.  We don’t need to know the details because our Father knows them all.  And he cares about them all.

May we be found faithful, dear Father!

How much more…….

Solomon didn’t ask God for wealth or a long life.  He didn’t ask God to kill his enemies.

Solomon asked for wisdom.  And God was very pleased by his request so he gave him a wise and discerning heart.

AND he made Solomon the richest man on earth.

So I wonder if God is pleased with my requests?  Or are my requests self-centered?  Are they based more on worry than trust?  Do I sound like I’m sitting on Santa’s lap sometimes with my long list of wishes?

I know God tells us again and again in the Bible to pray to him about everything and anything.  And I have learned to do that – it’s where I find peace.

But is he pleased with the tone and character of my requests like he was with Solomon’s?

Do I want the same things for others that God wants for them?  Am I asking for things that God wants to give them?

How much more is God wanting to give me…….if I would just ask?

How much wider and deeper could the flow of blessings from heaven flow down into my life if I asked for the right things?

How much more love, joy and peace is waiting……stored…..ready for me when I ask for it?

Dear Father, please give me a wise and discerning heart.