Psalm 40, 2015

When I was faithful in seeking you, God, you lifted me out of the slimy pit of my rebellion and sin.

Out of the mud of my bad choices.Apriil 27 Psalm 40, 2015

Out of the mire I got stuck in by trying to do things ‘my way’.

I am now solidly planted on you, my Rock.

And now I have a new song of praise to sing to you.

I pray that many others will also decided to put their trust in God.

You, oh God, bless those who trust in you.  We are wise when we put you first in our lives and don’t follow the example of others who are only focused on themselves.

You have great things planned for us, the faithful.

You have done many awesome things – there is nothing to compare you to.

You don’t want us to just read the Bible – you want our eyes to be open and our minds to be obedient.

You don’t want us to just give our money to the church – you want us to care about the things you care about.

You don’t want us to just close our eyes to pray and start down our list of requests.  You want a relationship with us.  You want a conversation.  Most of all, you desire listening ears and a softened heart.

Here I am , Lord.

I desire to do your will.

Your words are written on my heart.

We love you, dear Father.

Psalm 34, 2014

I will talk about the greatness of the Lord all of the time.

I won’t stop praising him!

I am awed by God!

Let those who don’t know him hear this and be glad.

Let us praise God together!April 2 2014

God always answers when I call.

My fears and my shame disappear in his presence.

God saves us all whenever there is trouble.

If you want to live a good, long life, be very careful about what you say.

Do good and seek peace.