He Shines In the Darkness

Wow, this is a dark time in our country, isn’t it?

Disrespect, discord, distrust, disgruntled, discrimination, discontented, discouraged. The ‘dis-es’ are one of the biggest pandemics infecting our culture today. It’s hard not to get sucked into the darkness.


I look to the Light.

Love, peace, forgiveness and strength come from the Light and his name is Jesus. When I focus on Jesus, the darkness fades away.

There are times that I forget darkness is not the opposite of light, it is the absence of light. When I let the Light of the World fill my mind and heart, the darkness is pushed away.

This can be very hard to do in the blackest part of the night when worries and fear creep in.  For many years, when my thoughts became anxious in the middle of the night, I would talk with my Father God.  Eventually I started to find myself focusing on all of the ‘bad stuff’ instead of praying about it and the night would gradually become darker and heavier on my soul.

Recently, I have begun to fill my mind with praise songs when the worrying starts and the darkness threatens. Remember – darkness is the absence of light. When I let the words and the melodies of some of my favorite praise songs repeat over and over in my mind, my thoughts become filled with the Light. It doesn’t take very long before my fears and concerns are replaced by reminders of Jesus’ love and care for me. He brings peace and security…..

and sleep.

His Light shines in the darkness.

Thank you, Jesus.

Coming Soon

“I am coming soon”, Jesus says to us in Revelations 22 as God’s holy word to us comes to completion.

Jesus is coming back soon.dec 31 2014 coming soon

And he has told us to ready because he can come anytime.  All of the predictions of man will be wrong because Jesus told us when he was here on earth that it’s not for us to know the date and time that the Father has chosen for his return.

So we focus on our preparation.  We prepare by reading and meditating on his Word.

And then we obey.

Today we celebrate as we begin another year of preparation.

What new adventures is God planning to take us on in 2015?

Who is he planning to bring into our lives so we can share the Good News?

How many opportunities will he be giving us to encourage others who are on this path of faith with us?

What awesome new thoughts and understandings is God going to reveal to us as we once again read through his Word to us?

I’m very excited to find out!

I’ve decided to read the chronological Bible again in 2015 – I really love how the historical context is so evident when we read God’s Word in chronological order.  And, I’ll admit it – I really like reading all the laws of Moses together just once along with some of the other sections that are repeated several times in the Old Testament.

Thanks to all of you who are taking this Journey Towards the Truth with me!

Happy New Year!  May God richly bless us in 2015!

With a smile and a growing feeling of anticipation of what God’s going to say, we flip back to page one and read,

“In the beginning……”