The Sea of Galilee is a very beautiful sea.

gdtDSC_0632It’s really not that big.

I had the privilege of spending a day there 2 years ago.   It was tranquil and calm – until the wind picked up.  In the New Testament, we read of several storms rolling in over this sea and I experienced how quickly our boat went from perfectly still to  significantly rocking.  I can imagine how fast those storms could grow and become threatening.

It’s a gorgeous sea – but it’s just water.

So how could Jesus walk on it?  That’s impossible!

Isn’t it?

Nothing that we know or can understand explains this.

It’s just water.gdtDSC_0639

But its water that was brought out of nothing by the Creator of the Universe.

And this water obeys his commands.  It’s not the same as when you and I obey.  We are created in God’s image so we have a brain.  We have to think, to decide, to act.

The water just responds to its Creator.

I’m pretty confident if some of today’s geniuses of science could have been studying the water that Jesus walked on, they would have witnessed the molecular structure of the water change for just a few seconds as Jesus’ foot touched it.  Science would be able to tell us what happened but it would never have been able to explain why it happened.  It would be labeled an unusual phenomenon.

But we know who did it.

God created science.  And he can use it freely whenever he wants.

It wasn’t ‘just water’ when it was in God’s hands.

The same is true of you and me.  We’re not ‘just’ men, women, young adults, teenagers or children when we’re in God’s hands.

Something supernatural is going on when we trust in God, because his spirit comes to live inside of us…

and we become phenomenal!

Thank you, Abba Father!

Who is in Control?

Jesus could walk on the water because he created the water – he could make it do anything he wanted.gdtDSC_0611

Jesus could feed five thousand people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish because he created bread and fish.  He could make them do anything he wanted.

Both of these things are impossible for us because we are not God.

Sometimes we try to act like God – we try very hard to control the world around us.  This sin goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  That’s what Eve wanted – she wanted to be like God.

But we aren’t God.gdtDSC_0647

So all of our efforts to control the world just cause anger, frustration and disappointment for us.

The lesson God has for us – if we choose to learn it – is that God is the only one in control.  When we truly let him take control of our lives, we find the peace and contentment that God wants us to have.

I was able to visit Israel earlier this year and spent an afternoon on the Sea of Galilee (pictures).  We saw the place where Jesus fed the 5000.  We spent several hours in the middle of the sea, imagining the figure of Jesus walking out on the water towards us and watching our ship captain show us how the disciples fished with a net.gdtDSC_0642

We are so blessed to have the Word of God available to us 24/7.  We know the historical accounts of Jesus’ life here on earth and we have his role-model for how we should live our lives.

Jesus created all of this – he knows how it should work.  Jesus reminds us through his word today to take courage and don’t be afraid.  We just need to give up trying to control everything and trust him.

God’s got this!

Thank you, dear Father!