The Battle

We are under constant attack.

Satan and his army are always on the offense – looking for any weakness in our armor.Oct 9 2015 the battle

Plotting against us.

We read about Nehemiah’s strategy for dealing with the attacks of those who were opposed to rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall and we see how this strategy can work for us today as well.

While half of the men worked on the rebuilding the wall, the other half guarded the workers with shields, spears and armor.  Those who carried the materials worked with one hand and held their weapon ready in the other.

They protected each other.

They provided a shield for those doing the main work – those who were working with 2 hands.

They carried their weapons with them while they worked.

This same strategy will work for us today.  God has given us his armor of truth and righteousness.  He has given us the mighty sword of his Word.  He gives us the awesome privilege of interceding for others through prayer.

All of these weapons are available to us as we battle Satan’s evil attacks on us and other workers of God.

Providing a shield for others.

Strengthening each other’s armor.

Joining together in battle.

And diligently carrying our own sword.  Maintaining our own armor.

So Satan doesn’t get a toehold.

We know Satan is already defeated.  He has lost the war.

It’s time that we all help him realize that 🙂

In your name and by your power, Abba Father.