I Need to Prepare!

It’s ominous.

It’s scary.

And it’s very real.

In the beginning of the book of Job, Satan meets God in heaven and tells him he had just come ‘from roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it.”

Oh, yeah.  Satan is very real.

And he’s close.  He whispers lies into our ears – constantly.  He encourages us to focus on ourselves and do what we want.  Forget about what God wants.  This is our natural inclination so it’s easy to do.

Too easy.

Satan persistently whispers a list of our past mistakes and failures into our ears – trying to keep us feeling powerless and ‘less’.  He wants us to forget that Jesus died for those sins and God no longer sees them.  They are forgiven – past, present and future.

When God looks at us, he sees his children, whom he loves with a perfect love.  Thank you, Abba Father.

I cannot listen to Satan.

You cannot listen to Satan.

We are forgiven.  When we plug into our all-powerful and loving God, nothing is impossible.  I believe that.  Do you?

So I need to be prepared to fight off Satan.  You need to be prepared to fight.

God tells us in Ephesians to put on his armor because our struggles are not against flesh and blood.  We need to put on the –

Belt of truth.

Breastplate of righteousness.

Sandals of Peace.

Shield of Faith.

Helmet of Salvation.

Sword of the Spirit.

This is how I need to prepare.  This is how you need to prepare.  Put it all on.  Wear it everyday.  We need to let the armor of God mold around our hearts and minds so Satan can’t mess with them.

Be prepared.

Satan’s next attack is coming.

Please help us put on your armor everyday, Abba.  Guard our hearts and minds.

What Is Your Favorite?

Is it the breastplate of righteousness?

The sandals of peace?Decem 15 2015 what's your favorite

The shield of faith?

God tells us in Ephesians to prepare each day for the spiritual battles that are raging around us by putting on his full armor.

Our struggles are not against the people and problems that we can see.  It seems like it is.  But God tells us that the battle is much bigger and much darker than what we can see.   The evil schemes of Satan fill the spiritual world swirling around us.

This makes a lot of sense to me.  When I see the addictions and sinful, painful choices people make everyday that blow up their families and their lives, it’s clear that Satan is working very hard and he is winning some of the battles.

Each of us are called to fight against this evil every day.  And the wise soldier comes prepared with a full set of armor:

The belt of truth.

The breastplate of righteousness.

The sandals of peace.

The shield of faith.

The helmet of salvation.

And the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

My favorite piece of armor has always been the shield of faith.  I can sometimes see the flaming arrows of the evil one coming at me.  But my faith protects me.

As I’ve been more committed to memorizing God’s word this last year, I am discovering a new understanding of the immense power the Sword of the Spirit has when we are well-prepared.  When it’s etched on our minds and hearts, God’s word is powerful.  It’s transforming.

It is an extremely effective offensive weapon to use in pushing back the darkness.

To shine the light of truth where sin has extinguished all hope.

To get rid of the lies that confuse us.

To help us get our eyes off of ourselves and focus on the One who has all the answers.

And to remind us that God has already won the war.  In him, we have victory.  Today and everyday.

Thank you, Abba Father.