It’s Coming

Am I ready?

The Old Testament is full of struggles and conflict – much like the world you and I live in today.  We fight different types of battles – our’s are against things like addiction and debt and hopelessness.  But our struggles are as real as the ones we read about in the Old Testament.

So many of the directions God gave Jeremiah to tell Judah apply to me and to you today –

“Prepare your shields”.  Paul tells us in Ephesians that our Armor of God includes the Shield of Faith.  I prepare my Shield of Faith for battle by diligently studying and memorizing God’s Word.  I know God through his revelation to me.  I hear his voice because I recognize his words.  I see God moving in my life because I spend significant time with him.  My trust grows as I experience his faithfulness year after year after year in my life.  I am preparing my Shield of Faith for the next battle that comes my way – because it’s coming.

Jeremiah tells me to put on my helmet – Paul calls it a Helmet of Salvation.  Salvation is not something that happens and then I go on with my life.  Salvation should turn my life upside down – changing my priorities, changing my perspective, changing who I am from the inside out.  When Jesus became my Savior, I became a child of God.  I am loved by my Father – not because of what I do, in spite of what of I do.  The moment I put my faith in Christ, I became a forever forgiven princess of a King who has his armies fighting my battles with me and for me.

When I fully put on the Helmet of Salvation, I live in God’s love, I breath God’s grace into my lungs and my life becomes filled with gratitude to my Father God for what he has already done for me.  Anything good I do on this planet is done in gratitude to God.  I know who I am in Christ and my helmet is ready for the next struggle that comes my way – because it’s coming.

Jeremiah tells me to sharpen my spear.  By the time Paul was writing, spears had evolved into swords and our’s is the Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God.  God’s Word not only grows and strengthens my Shield of Faith which protects my heart, it is also my only offensive weapon against the Evil in this world.  Through God’s Word, I know the Truth so the lies of this world don’t confuse me or distract me from the purpose and plans God has for me here.

I know God is right beside me and he has already claimed victory in the war against Evil.  With him by my side, I just need to persevere through the battle in front of me.  My Sword helps me cut through the crud of our culture so I can stay focused on my compass – God.

With my Sword of the Spirit ready, I can face the next conflict that comes my way – because it’s coming.

Jeremiah is telling me – and you – to “Prepare your armor”

How prepared are you?

Please help us prepare for the battles ahead, Abba Father.


Fighting Our Giants

We all have them –

things we battle against.

Sometimes its family members.

Sometimes its our boss.

Sometimes its our friends or situations in our lives.

A lot of the time, we fight against desires that grow within us…

lies that have rooted themselves in our brains…

unwillingness to change….

rebellion against giving God first place in our lives.

What are your giants?

As we read historical account of David and Goliath, I noticed that the Giant Philistine came out every day for forty days to take his stand against the Israelites.March 31 2016 fighting our giants

Our giants also make themselves evident very regularly.

They are persistent.

We can’t miss them…..even when we try.

And, just like David, we need to put on the armor of God and let him fight our battles.

We often forget what David knew and counted on, ” the battle is the Lord’s” (1 Sam 17:47).

There is only one way to successfully fight out giants –

and that’s with God on our side.

The battle is yours, Abba Father.