A Call to Action

Jesus is travelling through towns and villages in Matthew 9 teaching in the synagogues and healing the sick.   He has compassion on the people because they are so harassed and helpless.

He tells his disciples that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

And he tells his disciples what he wants them to do about this issue.October 31 2013

What would you expect him to say?  He has just pointed out a huge opportunity to bring needy people into the Kingdom of God.

The next step is to ?

I would have expected Jesus to say Go!  Go do something about this. But that’s not what he said. 

He told his disciples to pray. 

Pray to the Lord of Harvest to send out workers.

Pray!  Not Go.


That’s his direction to us today – about the harvest, about everything.  Pray.  Ask our Father God to prepare things in advance for us. 

Then we go.

In your name, Dear Father.