Has It Vanished?

It can be very hard to find.

Where is the truth?

The made-up dramas that fill the airways aren’t the truth.  The political rants on TV are just twisted opinions, not the truth.  Very few of the “information” posts on Facebook are the truth.  Many of the tweets we read aren’t true.

We are barraged by lies and half-truths all day, every day.  What’s the truth?

This problem of finding the real truth is an ancient problem.

God told the Israelites through Jeremiah, “This is the nation that has not obeyed the LORD its God or responded to correction.  Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips.”

Like the Israelites, our nation is wandering from God and we are not responding to correction.

We have kicked God out of our schools, creating a crisis of evil in them.

We have not obeyed God’s greatest commandments – love him and love each other – creating an emptiness that makes it seem like suicide is the only answer.

Our nation is so lost and rebellious that murdering those who enforce the law is an almost daily occurrence.

We need to know the Truth.  And his name is Jesus.

The Truth has not vanished –  I know where he is.  His Spirit lives in my heart.

Do you know the Truth?

Thank you, Jesus.

The Light Shines in the Darkness

Jesus is the Light of the World!

He truly is the answer to all of our questions.October 18 2014 Light of the World

He is the salve for all of our hurts.

He is the peace for all of our worries.

And he is the patience for everything that frustrates us.

He is our strength when we are weary.

Our haven for every storm.

Our Rock whenever a crisis blows through our life.

He is our joy when we have forgotten how to smile.

He loves us when we are most unlovable.

He is truth when the world hurls it’s clouds of lies at us.

He is bread for every hunger we have.

He is water when we are parched and dry.

He is the Way when we are lost and confused.

He is our best friend when we don’t feel like we have any friends at all.

He is our comfort as tears roll down our face and our heart is breaking.

He is our redeemer so we can be changed from the inside out.

He is our Savior – because of him we will not suffer eternal separation from our Perfect and Holy God.

His name is Jesus!

There is no other name!

Knowledge and Understanding

God gave Daniel and his friends knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning.  Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.August 8 2013

I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking for knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature – just the Bible.  I have a deep desire to know the Truth and the Truth is only found in God’s word.

This has been a core motivation for me as long as I can remember – I just want to know and understand the truth.

When I realized that the only real truth is what God says to me through his Bible, it changed my life.  I don’t care to understand most of the other stuff that is out there.  Show me the Truth, help me understand the Truth and help me apply his Truth to my daily life – that’s all I want.

Sometimes the truth hurts and that’s okay.  At least it’s the truth.  At least it’s not some lie that our culture has made up and tried to pawn off as the truth.

And I have been hugely blessed.  As I have saught God and his Truth, he has given me knowledge and understanding of his Word.  Almost every time I pick it up, God reveals something new to me.  And I’m convinced that it’s my problem when I don’t have a ‘a-ha!” moment when I’m reading the Bible – I’m distracted, I’m not listening and, sometimes, I just don’t want to hear it:)  When I hear it and understand it, I’m responsible for it, right?

The Truth has set me free!  And I am free indeed!