Slippery Paths

Have you been there?  I have –

I’ve found myself on a slippery path before.

A decision was made without a lot of thinking and – boom – I’m slipping down a slope – going somewhere I never wanted to go.  Or the wrong thing just slips out of my mouth to the wrong people at the wrong time and now I’m stuck in a place where it’s said, it’s done.

How did I get here?

Jeremiah tells us about how slippery our paths can become when we wander away from God.  He says we can feel like we are being chased through the dark – how did he know about our middle of the night fears and anxiety?

I know there is only one thing to do when I find myself going down a slippery path or find my anxious thoughts chasing sleep away in the middle of the night. 

I need to turn to God.  He will lead me back to solid ground.  He will guide my thoughts with his truth and his love.

There are no slippery paths with God.

Thank you, Abba Father.

In the Darkness

What are the things we do in secret – when no one is around to see?

What do we do when we’re sure we won’t ‘get caught’?

How often do we lie to ‘cover-up’ something we did but we don’t want to held accountable for it?

These are the things – and there are many more – that we do in the darkness.

Always bad choices – that’s why we do them in the darkness, in secret.  We hope these things never come out into the light.

But God sees.

He knows everything that is done in the darkness.

God reminds us of this in the 8th chapter of Ezekiel as we read the account of how God supernaturally brought Ezekiel to Jerusalem to show him the elders of Israel who are standing in the darkness as they worship all of their small gods.August 17 2016 in the darkness

Who did they think they were fooling?

Then they say, “The LORD does not see us and the LORD as forsaken the land.” (vs 12)  )

They knew better.  Who were they trying to convince?

The LORD saw it all.

He had not forgotten about them.  He never forgot about them.

They were the ones who had turned away from God to worship these worthless idols made by man’s hands.

And they chose to do this in the darkness.

They knew it was wrong so they tried to blame God.

But blaming God just doesn’t work.

He is perfect.

He is God and we are not.

He sees all the things we do in secret – all the things we do in the darkness.

And he loves us in spite of all of it.

He has forgiven it all for all time through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus.  When we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are forgiven and we are redeemed from the darkness.  We still might wander sometimes, but God is always waiting and wanting us to turn back to him.

God has placed us on this planet to help him push back the darkness, not to be part of it.

God never leaves us.

And he sees everything.

What would our lives look like if we stopped tiptoeing into the darkness?

Thank you for the gift of your grace, Abba Father.