I Don’t Want to Miss It!

The whisper of God.

It’s not in the great and powerful wind as it tears apart the mountains and shatters the rocks.

It’s not in the earthquake or in the fire.

The spirit of God moves in our hearts and our minds…….a whisper.

Which we will miss if we don’t turn off the distractions and focus on him.

I believe God is trying to guide me and communicate with me all day.  I just don’t always listen well.  Sometimes I’m just not listening at all.

So many things in my life clamor for my attention and they all have much louder voices!

There’s no time to stop to listen for whispers, is there?

No, there’s no time to listen for whispers…..

unless we make the time.  Unless we put ourselves in places where he can more easily speak to us.

june 5 2013Like studying his Word.

Like worshipping with our brothers and sisters.

Like serving in his name.

Like setting aside time for a good conversation with him.

Because, when our little light flickers out and it’s all done, we’ll want to be able to easily recognize the voice that whispers to us here…….

As it guides us home.