So Many Mysteries

We are surrounded by mysteries –

things we don’t understand.

Some of them we can figure out…..

and others we will forever remain a mystery to us.August 8 2016 mysteries a

Daniel calls God the ‘revealer of mysteries’.August 8 2016 mysteries b

How appropriate!

God knows everything.  Nothing is a mystery to him.

As we grow our relationship with God by studying his word and talking with him, he begins to reveal some of the simpler mysteries to us.  We can begin to understand more of why he created us.  His purpose for putting us here on earth becomes more clear.

And – a big one – we gradually figure out who is really in control.

Not us – no matter how hard we try.

God is so huge and unfathomable that we will never understand all of his mysteries.

Its comforting to know that God knows and he’s in charge.

Thank you, Abba Father.